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Do You Want to Play A Game where You can Practically Established your own colony and run it until it's a country of your dreams or would you rather settle on your home Planet Earth with Friends And Family? This Game is For You if you sound intrested in these concepts! Welcome to Universal Adventures , A Multiplayer Simulator Where You can Interact with Cities,Abandoned Houses,Nature,And Even The Universe itself! Your in Control of What Happens in Universal Adventures! *Game May Be Returning Later this Year.

Current Stage : Alpha 0.1.9 (Public Alpha Testing)

- Update Log -

Update 5/24/2016 (3:07 PM) -

Uploaded Alpha 0.1.0 to Closed Testing But Are Still Accepting Applications for Closed Testing as well! Also Implement a Little Fun Easter Egg For those Hunters. Have Fun And Enjoy!

Update 5/24/2016 (10:13 PM) -

Fixed Most Issues with Music being too loud or not being able to join friends' servers even when they're in it already.

Update 5/25/2016 (1:26 PM) -

Fixed Multiplayer Fully Now and Decided To Allow Anyone to Test the Game! Enjoy and Please Give Suggestions, They Tell me how to improve the Game!

Update 5/28/2016 (1:35 PM) -

Trying out New Camera Designs since the Default FPS Cameras are not working the greatest. Expect some bugs but not too many.

Update 5/29/2016 (2:28 PM) -

*Minor Build* Decided on Final Camera Design and Plan to Improve upon it.

Update 5/29/2016 (9:04 PM) -

Tried UNet Networking but Failed and Reverted back to Photon.

Update 5/31/2016 (11:17 AM) -

*Minor Build* Made Game Icon Transparent instead of having a White Background. Splash Screen Icon still has Black Background. Also Added First Game Screenshots.

Update 5/31/2016 (11:54 AM) -

*Minor Build* Changed File Format from .rar to .zip due to Users having issues with file extraction.

Update 6/8/2016 (11:31 AM) -

*Minor Build* Added Lobby Stats.

Update 6/9/2016 (11:49 AM) -

Added a Day / Night Cycle with Clouds , and Fixed The Issue where People could chat with others but couldn't see them in-game.


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